The 10 Minute Pull

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Some Common Questions About The 10 Minute Pull...

1) Is this real?

All of the testimonials are 100% real. However, to set some realistic expectations, not all of the pulls happened within 10 minutes. 68.75% of the guys who learned this method pulled within the first session, and the majority of those pulls happened within 10 minutes, hence the name.

2) What do you consider a "pull?"
A pull is when a guy leaves the venue with a girl and is in a taxi or car heading back to their place, or when they are in a sex location (e.g. bathroom, closet, etc.).

3) Did all of the guys who pulled get laid?
No. 61.11% of the guys who pulled got laid within their first session. I wouldn't normally be able to go with the guys to coach them in the bedroom, and sometimes the pulls would happen so fast that the guy would freeze up when he got back to his place. Once you get used to the speed of the pull though, sex starts to happen quickly and frequently.

4) How many guys have you taught this method to?

5) Did you really used to work for RSD?
Yes, I worked with RSD for 2 years. I've assisted with guys like Max, Todd (when he was with the company), Luke, Nick Kho, Madison, and I lived with Owen in LA for a period of time.

6) Are you just trying to sell a pickup coaching program?
I no longer work as a pickup or dating coach. I have a regular job and a girlfriend now, so I have very little interest in running bootcamps or coaching infield. 

7) Is the 10 Minute Pull a “magic pill?”
Of course not (although if you ask past students, it might sound that way). But here’s the truth: if you don’t go out there and apply it, you’re not going to get laid...simple as that.
However, I can say that if you go through everything and actually go out and DO it, it’ll at least increase your probability of getting laid by a statistically significant margin. 

8) Is there a guarantee?

Yes.  There is a lifetime, no-questions-asked full money back guarantee.  If you're not happy with the product or you're not getting results with it., just send an email to with the subject line "Money Back" and I'll send over the money no-questions-asked.

The 10 Minute Pull

The Complete Guide To Pulling A Girl Within 10 Minutes Of Meeting Her (Even If You're An Introvert)...

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